Grant Writing for Community Practitioners | E-book

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As purse strings tighten in 2023 it's time to sharpen your grant writing skills to make sure your organisation is on top of the funding list.

Download your Grant Writing E-book today and get your financial year started with a swag of learning materials, exercises, case studies and links to sharpen your grant writing abilities.

Throughout July we are offering a START OF Financial Year offer discounting the e-book from $19.95 to $12.95.

Kerry Grace, author

Community Practitioner Academy founder, Kerry Grace has been writing funding applications for not for profits, Aboriginal Corporations and local government for well over 20 years in this time acquiring many millions of dollars for regional communities.

In her role as Director of Regional Development of Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast Kerry was able to gain greater insight into what makes a successful funding application through her advocacy work for the region she represented.

Through these experiences Kerry has learned that it takes more than just the right words to land a successful application. Her best advice, tips and shortcuts are all in the Grant Writing book and if you'd like even more information try out the upcoming 30 day challenge and grant writing e-course.

Kerry's writing style is down to earth, easy to follow and entertaining. The book is written for people with any level of funding experience.
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